Sku 432 IPS Protein Chips BBQ 4 Oz (Qty 6)

IPS Protein Chips BBQ 4 Oz (Qty 6)

Deliciousness and nutrition finally got together and made a snack. And it’s about time. Perfect Chips™. Great taste, 6 grams of protein. Perfect.
It’s not easy to achieve snacking perfection, but here it is. Tear open this bag and feel great about snacking.

Protein comparison* – 1oz Perfect Chips = 1 egg
*figures based on 6 grams of protein per serving

Whole Grain
Never fried
Non-GMO Corn
Gluten free
6g Protein


UPC – 208 5377400410 1

fnsku – X001KOKTOD

asin – B075NRZYWL